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  • As soon as she opened her mouth, the spring of Longcheng – Dilber Yunus solo concert

    She is known as "China's Nightingale". She is hailed as "National Treasure" by Sweden and Finland. Some people praise her as the best flower soprano in the world today. "There are more opera houses, there is only one in Dilber Yunus." Some people say that her singing is as clean as crystal. This public solo concert, co-organized by the YongXian Education Center and Shanxi University, made me re-recognize the person who is as pure and beautiful as the eyes--Dilber Yunus, her voice, the spring of the Longcheng.

  • Ninth Beijing Rose Culture Festival Intangible Heritage Carnival

    On June 11, 2017, the “Intangible Heritage Carnival” event successfully ended. In the purpose of promoting and inheriting Chinese culture and creating a new highland integrating the culture of Beijing South and intangible heritage, it was successfully completed in just 50 preparatory days, lasting 25 days, by four major sections: the non-legacy food art, non-legacy craftsmanship, non-legacy art, non-legacy performance, 33 theme pavilions, composed of "intangible heritage carnival." At the end of the event, we have also found some space that needs to be solved and upgraded.

  • The 40th Maria Callas International Opera Grand Prix

    The Maria Callas International Opera Grand Prix was founded in 1974, as a member of the UNESCO World Music Competition. It has been recognized as the top ten international music competitions in the world. The Athenaeum International Cultural Centre has authorized and hosted the competition with Yong Xian (Beijing) Performance Limited Company. " The Qualifying Tournament of 40th Maria Callas International Opera Grand Prix in China" was held in Beijing on 28th October 2017 to 2nd November 2017 to bring operatic singing in China up to international standard, to discover and introducing outstanding young Chinese to the world stage of Opera.

  • Mechanisms motivate people, Culture shapes people, True feelings affectionate people, Pursuit of car

    May, 2018- Some members of the Yong Xian Cultural Limited Group had held a three-day team building campaign. The cooperate bonding activities have strengthening the bonding among the team members and develop the team cohesion. The natural setting of the event was designed to provide social interaction and to build up the member’s communication skills and enhance the team performance. It laid a good foundation for everyone to work together and sprint jointly towards the Group's strategic goals.

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