YongXian (Beijing) Education Technology LTD

YongXian (Beijing) Education Technology LTD provides content services for the education industry chain for the needs of urban 

cultural development. Its business scope covers basic education, international education, quality education, vocational 

education, and higher education. At present, Yikaotong (Beijing) Education Technology Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of 

Education, and Jinluban Group and Kuangao Education Group have established Kuangao Deyi (Beijing) Education Technology 

Co., Ltd. to jointly build a high-end brand of basic education.

Yikaotong (Beijing) Education Technology LTD

Yikaotong (Beijing) Education Technology LTD and the Institute of Basic Education of the Chinese Academy of Sciences have 

established a deep-bound strategic partnership, seeking to find the best solution for urban education in China, and importing 

quality educational resources for local cities. Give full play to the advantages of high-quality scientific research and educational 

resources of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Sciences. With the successful experience and 

extensive influence of Liu Peng Zhi and Wang Jin Zhan in the secondary schools affiliated to Renmin University of China for 

many years, make full use of the National People's University High School and Hengshui Studies. The advantages of teaching 

resources, the United China Premier Principal Summit and the School of Excellence Alliance are committed to basic education 

research, training a group of outstanding expert-based basic education leaders, improving the international competitiveness 

of China's basic education, and exploring the overall improvement of the quality of basic education. Effective Ways.

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