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YongXian Investment (Beijing) LTD

YongXian Investment (Beijing) LTD is a subsidiary of YongXian Culture Group LTD. Its subsidiaries include YongXian (Beijing) 

Asset Management Ltd and YongXian (Beijing) Cultural Investment LTD. Established in March 2015, it is a domestic-funded 

investment institution established in accordance with the market-oriented operation. Focusing on the positioning of emerging 

cultural groups, urban cultural development service providers, focusing on investment fields such as music industry, education 

service, film and television media, sports development, etc. Investment attitude, professional investment philosophy, excellent 

innovation spirit, provide long-term investment for high-growth cultural enterprises, and provide efficient enabling resources 

for entrepreneurs, and welcome strategic partners to share the cultural industry resources that have emerged in the world. 

Make a joint plan and create a great cause.

YongXian (Beijing) Asset Management LTD

YongXian (Beijing) Asset Management LTD affiliated to YongXian Investment (Beijing) LTD, approved by the Beijing 

Administration for Industry and Commerce, is a private equity fund and investment management consulting firm engaged 

in the management of equity investment, private equity investment, venture capital investment, etc. Professional investment 

management agency for the business. With the concept of value investment, through cooperation with well-known financial 

institutions or local government investment platforms at home and abroad, we will continue to innovate fund investment 

business models, invest in cultural industries, deepen the discovery of value-added enterprises, integrate industry resources, 

and promote culture. Industrial change and development.

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