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the Philosophy of Yongxian Culture Group

the purpose of Yongxian Culture Group ——being the server of culture development in cities

the Philosophy of Yongxian Culture Group—acting like water
 The supreme character is like water, which is good at nourishing everything without fame and fortune. Water doesn’t argue with the world, having the same character and tolerance as Taoism.

    Yongxian Culture Group Ltd. pays attention to achieve its development under the guidance of Taoism, adhering to the concept of 

"people-oriented". Yongxian in English means surging and emerging which represent a state of continuous improvement, 

emphasizing sustainable development to achieve a harmonious relationship between human beings and nature.

All employees of Yongxian Culture Group Ltd. will inherit the spirit of water which contains deep meanings of “being focused, being 

loyal, being obedient, being tolerant, being dedicatory, being principled” and so on.

Being focused:

Confucius stood on the bank of the river, looking at the river, and said: "Time is like this rushing river, no matter the day or night, it is 

constantly rushing." The water is uncommon because it constantly rushes, and it is immortal because it is focused. As long as it 

establishes a goal, it must persevere and not fear any difficulties, and always concentrate on the direction of the sea until it reaches 

long-cherished goal.

Being loyal:

Yongxian Culture Group Ltd. never emphasizes individual heroism. The river is made up of many streams, so there is no hero in the 

water. Yongxian Culture Group Ltd. knows how to use people and builds mutual loyalty with trust. The purpose of the 

organizational structure of the Yongxian Culture Group Ltd. is to cultivate an excellent and trustworthy professional team within 

three to five years and hand over the business to them for operation. The achievements are created by all employees of the 

company, which reflects the loyalty of water.

Being obedient:

Everything in the world behaves in its own way, letting nature take its course. Water has no fixed form and state, being able to 

adapt itself to different circumstances.When the water encounters the reef, it will change the flow direction, and when it meets the 

stone wall will turn back, as the water only goes with the flow, not being persistent. There is nothing in the world that is more 

aware of the meaning of compliance than water, and more flexible than water.

The so-called wise man knows to consider the situation, and retire at the height of his official career. Just as there is a saying that 

“the water is good at nourishing everything without fame and fortune”, it means adapting to market changes for companies 

while it means absolute obedience for teams and individuals. Only with such a team that performs its duties and fulfills its 

responsibilities respectively,Yongxian Culture Group Ltd. Can maintain a high degree of consistency from the project to the team, 

which reflects the obedience of water.

Being tolerant:

There is a saying that “the sea admits hundreds of rivers for its capacity to hold.” which can be reflected in Yongxian Culture 

Group Ltd..Yongxian Culture Group Ltd. bring together intelligent, capable and ethical teams, paying attention to fully realize the 

self-worth of employees; at the same time, employees consciously regard the development of company as their responsibility 

and obligation to achieve the common wish of being “the server of culture development in cities”

  Tolerant people are closest to the moral of nature in Taoism. The company culture is a broad invisible concept which seems to 

be weak, but it can best gather people and make them united. As the saying goes, “moistening things silently”, the weakest is

 the strongest, which reflect the tolerance of water.

Being dedicatory:

   The water abandons its own purity and authenticity, and devotes itself to the cleanliness of the social environment without any 

complaint.The water never tries to please the public with claptrap, but conforms to the natural laws of a breath of life, bringing 

harmony and stability to the society. The water has the power of “having a calm and peaceful heart”, it seem that water 

nourishes everything in the world in a silent and gentle manner, in fact, it has the power to penetrate stones, which reflects the 

dedication of water.

Being principled:

Water is extremely respectful of its internal arrangement, relying on the combination of each component, and the "difficulty" of 

the outside world to condense into a powerful force. The greater the "difficulty” of the outside world becomes, the greater the 

power of water is. When the water is quiet, it contains the power to penetrate stones by constant drips; when the water breaks 

out, it will have an overwhelming momentum that can punch the embankment, and penetrate the stone, which reflect the 

principles of water.

Ⅱ. Value Orientation


The strength of the company culture is to condense a group of people with dreams to realize their dreams.

Influenced by the atmosphere of such a company culture, every employee of Yongxian Culture Group Ltd. has cultivated its 

professional  temperaments of being “energetic in lives, creative in studies, dedicatory in teams, efficiency in works”, so as to 

form the “temperament of Yongxian Culture Group Ltd.”

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